6 “THEY DON’Ts” Common Among Successful People

In an article written by Michael Yardney on propertyupdate.com.au, he listed 6 things that successful people don’t do.

There he revealed activities that successful people, especially entrepreneurs, do not get involved in simply because they find these a waste of time and not useful to their everyday work. They don’t see these things as contributory to the growth of their business.

They do things differently. Which is why they’re successful! Here are three notable “they don’ts” on Yardney’s list:

1. THEY DON’T worry about things they can’t control.
They focus only on things that are within their control, those that they can do something about, those that they can accomplish.

2. THEY DON’T hang out with negative people.
They surround themselves with people, or friends, who always have a positive outlook in life, who see an opportunity in every failed endeavor.

3. THEY DON’T put themselves last.
They give themselves priority each day. They invest in things for their physical and mental well-being for the long-term success of their business. So they start the day doing the things they love doing, and subsequently be happy, efficient and productive the rest of the day.

Know the other three “they don’ts” on Yardney’s list.

What about you? What are your “I DON’Ts”? Are they the same as the six listed?


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