10 New Technologies That Will Surface in 2030

According to George Dvorsky of the blogsite i09, there are 10 interesting technologies which will begin to surface about 15 years from now. Here are some on Dvorsky’s list:
1. PA with AI – personal assistants with artificial intelligence fully responsive to natural human language and behavior, and which will serve as human clones, or “proxy”. (There goes our individuality.)
2. interplanetary internet (II)– an internet connection between Earth and any colonized planet (i.e., with human inhabitants) like Mars. Thru II, Mars settlers are able to share info with Earth’s and purchase materials they need online. (Small world indeed. Or should I say, “small universe”)
3. “real” anti-aging technology- this is not cosmetics or any temporary fix but thru genetic engineering. This can double the life span of humans and even lead to “non-aging” humans. (Is this what it means by “Forever Young”?)
4. lab-grown organs—to completely eliminate tissue rejection during organ transplants. (Say goodbye to organ failures in some diseases.)
5. 3D bio printers (or 3D printers for DNA)– enabling families to manufacture items such as vaccines, meats, fruits, etc. right in their own homes. (Talk about a factory in the house.)
6. massive desalination technology– to remove salt from the oceans to make potable water for all humans. (No more thirst, everyone!

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